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Musicki Dusan – economist by trade, engaged in sales activities and supporting export growth of numerous regional companies in various industry segments ever since graduation. By deep knowledge of regional business mentality and the needs of the markets, he proudly serves the innovative and export oriented companies that put long-term strategy first, coupled with high quality products and services. By establishing partnership on trust and results, the growth is nothing but common goal easier to reach. Such synergy is what makes us all appreciate business of today and look forward to deals of tomorrow. 

Eurcon Kft. is a consultancy company, seated in Budapest, Hungary,

specialized in assisting SMEs finding the most efficient way of entering the markets of Hungary, Czech-Slovakia, former Yugoslavia, by providing custom-tailored administrative, operational and sales support.Through close cooperation with clients, Eurcon Kft. with its network of associates also provides assistance in raw material tendering aimed at reducing material costs and allowing clients to realize price-competitive product. In addition, our market analysis containing the non-readily available information helps us to pinpoint the most sellable products for the given market and further assisting clients in reaching out to the buyers. To find out more about our new projects check the news section.

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Eurcon is not alone! It is proud to work with several associates from FMCG and consultancy sector in neighboring countries. Those highly skilled individuals provide most up-to-date market information and comprehensive guidance that is essential to Eurcon and its clients. Team work for greater good!

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