Eurcon is happy to provide assistance in market entry to Hungary and Slovakia to a new brand of Extruded Flours and Cereals.

In the world of today, where more and mora attention is paid to the healthy and sustainable food ingredients, BeneFit is offering a wide range of product of extruded flours from different cereals (corn, rye, barley, buckwheat, spelta). In addition, it is worth noting that any type of cereal can be extruded on partner’s demand.

Extruded fours have a great deal of benefits: dissolved starch, longer shelf life and higher product quality and reduced product price.

All products have intensive and characteristic flavoring, color, and taste (without E numbers) and extended freshness of bread of up to 5 days. Exceptional results are obtained in the production of breads as well as with all kinds of pastries and pies.

The main advantage is the reduction of production costs, as well as possibility of creating your own product.


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