Eurcon is happy to have a new partner. And not an ordinary one! Jäneke is 200 years old!

Italian and being synonym for style. And 200 years since its foundation, it still maintains its leading position in the hair care market thanks to the commitment to a constant development. Innovation and technology to keep up with the times and the demands of the market, spanning from historic and fascinating materials inspired by tradition such as antler, celluloid, galalith, to injected printed plastic materials.

The story of Jäneke started in Italy and has now become a reality in every corner of the world, reaching a very high level of recognizability and buyer’s loyalty.

This unique brush is Jäneke’s bestseller, and it’s literally outbursting all over the world,especially in countries of the Russian area, Gulf area, Americas and Europe. It is a wonderful multi-purpose brush with soft pins, which detangles very gently and can be used both with wet hair (to distribute conditioner under shower for example), and to dry and style easily, thanks to the vented structure of its pins. The special honeycomb patented structure, also helps dissipate heat quickly, preventing hair damage and drying hair faster than usual brushes. It comes in a wonderful array of colors and in special GOLD and SILVER gorgeous combos.

Mini Superbrush is the smaller version of Superbrush, easy to bring always with you
in your handbag, at the seaside or pool, at the gym… A very special and funny design, 100% washable just like Superbrush, and with all the wonderful features of Superbrush.

Pomme Brush is a compact and ergonomic handheld brush, which easily detangles, and that can be used both on dry and wet hair, under the shower or elsewhere. Thanks to its small size, it can always be with you!

Eurcon is tasked with establishing Jäneke’s presence in the region.

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