Eurcon is proud to announce cooperation with the Insignia Technologies Ltd.

Insignia Technologies is a Scottish company engaged in development of unique and innovative labelling solutions designed to indicate the quality and freshness of goods and products. These smart labels act as time-temperature indicators (TTIs) and are cost-effective, easy to apply smart packaging solution for improving food freshness and quality.

Using this simple color changing technology, the quality and freshness of products can be clearly highlighted to businesses and consumers. The flexibility of the technology allows us to work with customers to provide customized labels that can indicate food freshness, secondary shelf life, cold chain integrity, and/or tampering/damage to the packaging.      

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Eurcon will assist Insignia in finding new partners that are looking to

  •  Reduce Food Waste
  •  Enhance Food Freshness
  •  Improve Food Safety

If you are interested at further inovations by Insigni, check out