As of 2018, Eurcon is proud to be a partner of Tastyland d.o.o.

Tastyland is an innovative producer of oat and protein bars. Austrian owned, with production facility in Serbian province of Vojvodina, town of Senta, the heart of agricultural region, Tastylands prides itself in using the highest quality oats and ingredients, with new recipes continually tested by its own team of technologists.

Tasty is currently offering a wide range of standard and sugar free oat bars with over 25 tastes to choose from. Tasty is happy to service all requirements including producing PL products for it clients.

As of recently, Tasty has rolled out a new range of regular and sugar free protein bars that are already finding its loyal customers due to its high protein content, creamy texture and variety of tastes.


Eurcon is providing matchmaking assistance to Tastyland, searching for partners looking to expand their product line with bars of exceptional taste and highest quality ingredients. Eurcon’s job is made easy by the Tastyland’s flexibility in servicing its clients and willingness to go an extra mile and produce oat and protein bars per specific requests not  limited to taste and ingredients but also packaging and MOQs.

So far, the partnership has been fruitful, with new clients of Tastyland selling their branded products in European Union as well as Middle East and Africa.

Eurcon will continue to support Tastyland in its quest for new markets and clients.

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