Eurcon is proud to establish cooperation with Signalterv Forgalomtechnika Kft.



Signalterv is one of the most prominent, Hungarian-owned companies developing and offering wide array of traffic management solutions, both software and hardware as well as range of smart  traffic lights and traffic signs. Its ability to plan, construct and maintain road intersection infrastructure as well as provide software for city-wide traffic light management has won the liking of many municipalities in Hungary and abroad. Prime example is traffic light management system in the city of Szeged with its 24/7 remote monitoring  provides innovative city-wide control of traffic lights where the public transport vehicles are given priorities by sensors picking up their approach and thus giving them green lights. This has proven to enhance the efficiency of public transport greatly. In addition, with several versions of speed radars, Signalterv continually improves the road safety across the country.

Eurcon has assisted Signalterv in finding partners in the region, with Signalterv’s radar technology being used on Croatian roads.

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